Tamblingan & Buyan jungle trekking Twin lake Hiking View

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Bali Jungle Trekking is a good activity. And the two lakes are beautiful and the lake is close to each other. The two lakes are Tamblingan and Buyan dip two very beautiful view. Is the most popular tourist spot in the area of Bali in Singaraja in Buleleng Regency.

Tamblingan & Buyan  jungle trekking Twin lake Hiking View 

The natural environment of Lake Tamblingan and Lake Buyan m is already known to foreign countries in the world. The only thing is the Bali jungle trekking, jungle trekking Tamblingan, activity trekking to Tamblingan very challenging, you will be very pleased if to this place, only cool and in the summer time is very cool.

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Lake Tamblingan is a sacred lake, Lake Tamblingan is immersed in the village area of Gobleg. If you go to Tamblingan and Buyan view, you are heading to Wanagiri village. See two scenes at once.

Lake Tamblingan and the intersection of the lake with traditional canoe resting room.

Jungle Trekking Adventure as it is very amazing with rainforest including Flora and fauna observations. In addition, many local visitors are conducting camping programs or building outdoor teams while enjoying beautiful nature. Here you can also see the locals using a small traditional boat called a boat to cross the lake or do fishing. Duration: 4 hoursStop at: Buyan Danau, Wanagiri, Buleleng subdistrict, Lake LakeBuyan BaliBuyan is located on a plateau with hills and rainforests surrounding it. Due to the location in highland areas, mist is usually the blanketing area. The lake can be seen from the hilltop called Gobleg. Asah Gobleg herself is a rustic name located on the hilltop where the villagers live with the life of farming. Duration: 30 minutes

Nature enthusiasts but also families with children will enjoy trekking through the tropical rainforest bordering Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan, close to Munduk and Bedugul. Undisturbed for centuries by outside influences, nature has been abandoned to run its way in this spectacular area of Bali. Temples and hillsides are covered by forest, fruit trees and rice fields. Waterfalls fall off the cliffs with a dozen. Trekkers can see deer, black monkeys and squirrels.

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